We’re here again for you!

After eight weeks of closure, we are extremely pleased to finally be able to reopen the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg to our guests as of Saturday, May 9, 2020!

Nevertheless, the safety of our visitors remains our top priority. We have thus taken various precautions against infection with the Corona virus: We have disinfectants available, our employees will wear masks, and we offer the same to our visitors free of charge, should they not have their own mouth and nose protection. Our guards will also make sure that the specified minimum distance is observed.

With the first European museum exhibition of the US-American artist Barbara Kasten. Works, as well as with Ulrich Hensel. In-Between Worlds, we are presenting two photography shows which we could not officially open. The total exhibition space amounts to 800 m2, so that we must limit the number of visitors at any given time to a maximum of 80 people (1 person/10 m2).

Due to the closure of the museum in March and April, we have already decided to extend these two exhibitions until November 8, 2020, which is roughly two months longer than originally planned. The exhibition for the main hall of the museum, Power! Light!, dedicated to political light art, has been postponed until the fall of 2021. This enables us to open the exhibition On Everyone's Lips—a comprehensive survey of everything to do with the mouth from an art and cultural historical perspective—somewhat earlier than planned, namely on October 30, 2020.